Specops Password Sync

Streamline passwords for users with just one password across multiple business systems. Specops Password Sync instantly synchronizes Active Directory passwords to domains, or other systems. This includes domains in the same forest/other forests, on-premises systems (e.g. Kerberos), and SaaS targets (e.g. O365). The tool enhances security by ensuring that password complexity applies to all systems consistently.

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    Increase password security

    Specops Password Sync effectively extends Active Directory password security to other business systems, including external SaaS resources. When combined with a strong password policy, the product ensures that the same level of password complexity applies to all connected systems.

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    Extend Active Directory infrastructure

    Built on Active Directory, the tool captures and synchronizes all changes to a user’s password in accordance with the synchronization rules defined in Group Policy. The solution can be setup in just a few hours by configuring the local Active Directory. The extensible framework allows you to create your own sync providers to suit various organizational needs.

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    Simplify the user experience

    Specops Password Sync simplifies password management for users! The solutions provides users with a consistent authentication experience across multiple systems. The synchronization happens automatically without requiring the end-user to do any additional work.

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  • Instant Active Directory password synchronization to on-premises and SaaS targets
  • Extensible framework to configure sync providers to meet various organizational needs
  • Windows security applied to other business critical system
  • Includes a number of providers OOTB, including, Active Directory, SAP, Kerberos, Microsoft SQL Server, and more

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