Specops Password Sync

Specops Password Sync

Make password fatigue a thing of the past.

Specops Password Sync simplifies password management for users by allowing them to use one password across multiple systems- including on-premises and SaaS targets. Specops Password Sync instantly synchronizes Active Directory passwords to other systems, which ensures complexity is applied to all business systems.

Specops Password Sync is a component of the Specops Password Management solution. Specops Password Management addresses both security and flexibility needs by enabling organizations to reach their appropriate level of security across multiple target systems while greatly reducing IT support costs through self-service, accessible anytime, and from any device.

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  • Increased end user productivity

    Specops Password Sync makes it easier for end users to manage the hassle of having to change their password regularly. It also gives users a consistent login procedure in all systems. As users reset or change their Active Directory password, this password with all of its complexity rules gets synchronized to other systems the end-user may be accessing within their corporate environment. This synchronization happens automatically without requiring the end-user to do any additional work.


    Specops Password Sync effectively extends your Active Directory security policy to your other business systems.


    This extensible framework allows you to create your own sync providers to suit your organizational needs


    Define what users are affected. Target appropriate users to ensure that their passwords are synchronized with appropriate systems.

    • Password synchronization software – Active Directory password changes are instantly and automatically synchronized to other systems for users who have been configured to use Specops Password Sync.
    • Extensible framework which allows you to write your own sync providers.
    • Turns Windows and Active Directory into the central source of all passwords.
    • Extends the complexity of your Windows password policy to the synchronized systems
    • Removes the need for users to remember multiple passwords.