Specops Active Directory Janitor

Clear out your Active Directory risks.

Don’t let stale computer and user objects clutter your Active Directory. Active Directory Janitor scans your network environment and identifies risky account status (such as orphaned or unused accounts) and other security risks. The scan results help you know which cleanup operations to perform, resulting in an up-to-date and accurate list of Active Directory resources.

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The graphical interface makes managing your network as easy as a right-click. Our solution interfaces with your existing framework, so you can be up and running in minutes.

  • Specify which properties to scan on the account, including display name, password expired, locked out, wrong password attempts
  • Choose where you want to look for accounts, manually, from Active Directory, or import from text file
  • Perform clean-up operations including delete, disable, move, and enable
  • Export your scan results