Specops Active Directory Janitor

Active Directory maintenance doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With our janitor tool, you can maintain Active Directory Users and Computers accounts from a single location.

Keep Your System Clean

Is Active Directory your growing pain?

An Active Directory structure full of obsolete computer and user objects is a problem that gets bigger every day. Over time, performance and manageability problems become impossible to ignore. Don’t let stale accounts, nonexistent machine references, and other clutter fill up Active Directory. Specops Active Directory Janitor can help. The tool scans your network environment and identifies account status (such as orphaned or unused accounts) and other security risks. The scan results will help you determine what cleanup operations to perform. The result is an up-to-date and accurate list of Active Directory resources.

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    With Specops Active Directory Janitor, you can search your entire network to easily identify and manage unused computer and user accounts, security risks and any questionable resources. You can then decide, from a number of criteria, which accounts are outdated, and finally delete, disable or move them.


    When you have an outdated Active Directory, performance and manageability problems surface. Specops Active Directory helps you efficiently maintain your Active Directory without a major investment of your time.

    Graphical Interface

    Specops Gpupdate Professional comes with an easy to use standard Windows graphical interface and allows you to complete various tasks from a single location.

    • Increases Active Directory security: Choose among 35 properties when scanning your network environment.
    • Picks user or computer accounts to scan in three different ways: Manually, from Active Directory and import.
    • Performs cleanup operations: Delete, disable, move and enable Active Directory accounts in seconds.
    • Exports all or part of your scan results.
    • Increases Active Directory security: Identify user accounts with high security risk.
    • For the non-replicated account properties all domain controllers will be contacted and the most recent value will be used.