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Specops Password Notification

Password Notification helps IT departments find users with passwords approaching expiration. The tool can send custom notification emails to remind users to change their passwords before they expire. Administrators can customize notifications based on the proximity to the password expiry date.

  • Use Group Policy settings

    Reads the maximum password age configured in the Default Domain Policy or fine-grained password policy. The polling times are configurable and enable you to send the expiration emails when they will be most effective.

  • Customize user experience

    Allows IT departments to tailor the look and feel with organizational branding.  The solution also provides out-of-the-box templates to support various levels of urgency.

  • Promote self-service

    By informing all users (even those on VPN) about password expiry, you can guide them to the self-service password reset system, and enable them to take action prior to lockout.

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  • Customizable email templates for content
  • Time interval personalization
  • Configurable polling times – admins can decide the time users need to receive expiry emails
  • SMTP configuration to specify which SMTP server settings need to be used