Specops Password Notification

Stop user lockouts with timely expiration reminders.

Save helpdesk time by preventing user lockouts due to password expirations and the loss of connectivity for remote workers. Our password expiration notification email tool can be used by IT administrators to remind users to change their password before it expires. The tool compares the pwdLastSet attribute with the maximum password age in the default domain policy, or fine-grained password policy, to send notification emails to users affected by a configured GPO.

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  • Send reminder emails to remote users

    • Windows users that are off-network don’t receive on-screen password expiration reminders. 
    • When their password eventually expires, the cached credentials on the local machine can fall out of sync with the new credentials set on Active Directory. 
    • Our password expiration notification email tool enables IT admins to communicate reminders to all users, even those off VPN. No PowerShell required. 
  • Customize email notifications

    • The password expiry emails are fully customizable. You can define how long prior to the password expiration the emails will be sent, as well as how often they are sent.  
    • The contents of the email, including the sender address, can also be changed. Increase the email priority, and interval, to emphasize the urgency as the expiration approaches.  
    • Need to send users in different time zones emails at different times? With Password Notification, you can easily configure time zone settings for different users utilizing Group Policy. 
  • Reduce the helpdesk burden

    • When working remotely, expired passwords can lead to the inability to login or account lockouts. Not only does this hurt end-user productivity, but it also puts a strain on your helpdesk.  
    • In many organizations the helpdesk cannot securely verify users, especially when they’re working remotely. This insecure user verification can increase your susceptibility to attacks. 
    • Avoid the problem altogether by making sure off-network users get reminders to change their passwords before they expire. 

  • Customize email fields, schedule, and content via the GUI interface (no PowerShell required)
  • Use Group Policy to target users with different reminder frequency, different email content, or different time zone send times
  • Get setup quickly with OOTB templates
  • Configure sending via SMTP settings to securely send emails via your own server

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