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Passwords are the biggest threat to GDPR compliance

Data protection authorities have imposed their first GDPR fine in Germany after a local chat service exposed 330,000 credentials. What will be the consequence of the Collections leak that impacts 2.2 billion usernames & passwords? Read More

How to stop O365 phishing attacks

O365 phishing attacks are are easy - just trick the recipient into giving up their password on a fake login page. Requiring users to authenticate with additional factors is the best way to stop the attack. Read More

Specops uReset and GDPR compliance

With the introduction of Specops uReset (version 8.1 or later) in the Microsoft EU data center, organizations can now choose which instance of Specops uReset they want to use. Specops uReset is a hybrid password reset solution. The cloud... Read More

Best practice tips for your password policy

Many organizations have yet to craft an effective password policy - the policy says one thing, but something very different is taking place on the network. Is your current approach to passwords adequate? Read More

Les bonnes pratiques pour votre politique de mots de passe

Je pense que nous pouvons tous convenir que les règles à mettre en place sont l’un des aspects les plus ennuyeux d’un programme de sécurité. Elles provoquent souvent un faux sentiment de sécurité et tendent à faciliter la complaisance. L’hypothèse... Read More