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    Product training – Specops Self Service Portal

    Specops Self Service Portal allows users to request resources without contacting the helpdesk. With an approval-based workflow system, you can decide who can make which types of requests. In combination with Specops Deploy, users can also request complete computer reinstallation, allowing them to easily refresh their computers to the organizational standard in just minutes. Interested…

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    Specops Deploy training – Specops Deploy and Windows 10

    Learn how to deploy Windows 10 with Specops Deploy so that you can get your PCs and tablets on the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Overview of Deploy 6.0 Best Practices for Deploying Windows 10 in your environment Deploying Office 2016 Do you want a smooth transition to Windows 10? Start your Specops Deploy trial here.

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    Proactive Password Security – Protection Beyond Compliance

    Industry regulatory standards such as SOX, PCI-DSS and NIST require organizations to take measures to protect information from falling into the wrong hands. Most of these standards include password security regulations because passwords are the first line of defense against hackers. Password requirements from these regulations are the bare minimum you need to follow to…

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    Specops uReset® at Montgomery County Community College

    Specops uReset is proven to drive results.  In this video, Robert Gehring, Enterprise Systems Administrator, Montgomery County Community College details how the solution allowed them to pre-enroll over 9000 students and deflect over 150 password reset calls from the Helpdesk in the first month.  

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    Specops Deploy training – Frequently asked questions about Specops Deploy

    The technical support desk receives the same questions on regular basis. In this webinar, our guest and the technical support lead Rohan Watkin will share with you the top ten most commonly asked questions about Specops Deploy and the answers to them.    

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    Specops Deploy training – Capturing images with Specops Deploy/OS

    In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate strategies and techniques for capturing images with Deploy\OS.    

  • Videos

    Getting Started with Specops uReset® Video

    This video provides a walkthrough of Specops uReset account set up and installation.  

  • Webinars

    Best Practices to Maximize Self-Service Password Reset Adoption: Specops uReset in Action

    In this webinar Heather Pacan, Specops Product Specialist, detailed best practices associated with maximizing self-service password reset go-to-market, end-user enrollment and usage. Key takeaways included which identity services to use based on your specific needs, types of notifications to boost adoption and more. If you’re an existing uReset customer or are currently evaluating the system,…

  • Datasheets

    Specops uReset® Product Brochure

    This document details Specops uReset capabilities and how these can drive self-service password reset user adoption through authentication choice, effective enrollment options and a highly accessible and intuitive user interface.

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