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    Buyer’s Guide: Self-service Password Reset Solution

    If you have identified the need for a self-service password reset solution, you are likely familiar with the cost-savings, usability, and security benefits. The next step is identifying the criteria to use when evaluating the desired outcome of your investment. Achieving significant savings, eliminating password related helpdesk calls, and maintaining security requires looking at what we call the Triple A’s:…

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    Enroll and reset your password with Specops uReset

    Specops uReset revolutionizes self-service password reset by enabling authentication choice. With support of over 20 identity services that can be weighted and layered to increase identity security and end-users understanding of it, uReset guarantees that your end-users will always be able to complete the reset/account unlock task in the most secure and intuitive manner. The…

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    Helpdesk Identity Verification

    The helpdesk is a popular target for hackers. One tactic used is social engineering. While social engineering is extremely common when using security questions, it is much less common if multi-factor authentication is used. Specops uReset enables the helpdesk to verify the accounts of users, using any of their enrolled identity services, or by sending…

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    The Specops Password Report: Safeguarding passwords against data breaches

    Hack me once, shame on you. Hack me twice, shame on me! We’ve seen major hacking incidents at LinkedIn, Adobe, and Gawker, but are you following similar practices that can land you in the same boat? We call these predictable pitfalls, and this e-book provides great tips to help you avoid them.

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    Weak Passwords Disguised as Strong

    Avoiding common passwords that appear on “Worst Password” lists is easy. But what about passwords that appear strong, yet conform to predictable patterns? To help you make smart passwords choices, we unmask weak passwords that appear strong.  

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    Strong Password Guide

    With data breaches and security flaws a regular occurrence in our digital lives, we have taken a natural interest in protecting our personal and financial information. A secure password, that follows the best practices outlined below, is the first line of defence.

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    Top Password Management Challenges in Municipal IT

    Do you have problem creating a password policy that balances security and usability? Do your users have too many passwords to remember and forget them often? Do you spend the majority of your time resetting passwords? In this webinar, we will share the three of the top password management challenges in municipal IT and how you…

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    Specops Password Policy: Feature highlights

    A quick Specops Password Policy demo of the administration tools with a special emphasis on the ability to block dictionary lists.  

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    Webinar: Upgrading to Windows 10 – Best practices

    If you plan to migrate your environment to Windows 10, the deadline for the free upgrade is July 29, 2016. However, average enterprise deployments can take 18 to 32 months, from business case to full deployment. No need to worry, we have good news! You can still beat the deadline with the proper strategies in…

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