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    Specops uReset End-User FAQ

    This FAQ is intended for users who want to manage their password using the Specops uReset Service.

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    Your digital identity & how it works

    From emails and banking to shopping and social media. Most of the websites we frequent require a user registration process prior to providing services. New accounts here and there, and a trail of forgotten passwords. What is the alternative? Claims Based Identity! Claims based identity is a common method used by applications to obtain identity…

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    Helpdesk Guide

    The helpdesk staff plays an important part in the success of the rollout. To enforce the self-service process, keep them in the loop and empower them against reverting to old habits. The provided Helpdesk Guide walks through relevant features including, user verification using enrolled identity services, unlocking accounts, and resetting passwords. It also identifies when…

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    Do’s & Don’ts of the Specops uReset Admin

    Stay in control over the enrollment process by making the most out of the available identity services, notifications, and reminders.

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    Identity Services Selection Guide

    Not all identity services are created equal. To help you select the best fit for your organization, we have created a matrix, with the following criteria. The MFA factor the identity service addresses: something you know, something you are, something you have The enrollment flexibility: pre-enrollment and/or administrator enrollment using existing Active Directory data Mobile…

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    Compliance and beyond: Future-proofing your password policy (UK)

    In this whitepaper, we will scrutinize conventional password best practices, using knowledge attained from Microsoft’s “Password Guidance” whitepaper, and National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST)’s “Digital Authentication Guideline” publication SP 800-63-3. Next, we will examine the extent to which the new best practices have penetrated compliance and advisory requirements: PCI DSS the Cyber Essentials scheme the National Cyber Security…

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    Simplifying password recommendations

    This infographic outlines some password security best practices, as outlined in Microsoft’s Password Guidance whitepaper, NIST’s Digital Authentication Guideline, and PCI-DSS requirements.

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    Specops uReset® & Specops Password Reset Comparison Chart

    This document provides a side by side comparison of features, components, and requirements across  Specops two self-service password reset solutions: Specops uReset and Specops Password Reset.

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    Common Mistakes SysAdmins Make

    Mistakes, we all make them. Even the guys and gals that work to keep the organization running smoothly. The responsibility of protecting the network, combined with the complexity of the work, and pressure from users, brings forth unexpected challenges. Sometimes such challenges get the best of us, leading to mistakes we would not have otherwise…

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