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    NIST and compliance: Future-proofing your password policy

    If the multitude of mega breaches have given us anything, it is an abundance of real-life data to shape future best practices. In this whitepaper, we will: Review the Digital Identity Guidelines from NIST Examine its impact on compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GDPR Formulate a best practice strategy for future-proofing password…

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    Securing Active Directory Against Common Attacks

    Used to mirror the corporate structure of a business, Active Directory houses sensitive data for more than 90% of all organizations. While AD is designed with security in mind, its possession of the crown jewels makes it an attractive target for hackers. As attacks get more sophisticated, poor AD hygiene can put your organization at risk….

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    Office 365 Survey Report

    This report provides peer insights into the challenges of implementing Office 365 utilizing Microsoft components and functionality. Findings detailed include: Satisfaction with Office 365 MFA offerings Ease of using ADFS for Office 365 Single Sign On Willingness to utilize 3rd party for Office 365 MFA and SSO

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    Audit the strength of your passwords

    Are your password policies enabling poor practice? Do you know how your existing password settings compare to industry standards? In this webinar, you’ll learn how Specops Password Auditor can be used to easily: Gauge password policy compliance against standards such as NIST and PCI Compare relative strength for all domain password policies

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    Strengthening Passwords Against Common Attacks

    Password attacks are an ongoing threat facing organizations. As the number of stolen credentials reaches an all-time high, with over 3 Billion reported stolen worldwide, organizations must contain their weakest link. Password attacks work because users are predictable. Their poor choices are encouraged by the password complexity rules that must be met during the password…

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    Specops Password Auditor Datasheet

    Specops Password Auditor scans your Active Directory to identify password related vulnerabilities, helping you develop an action plan to increase security. The tool is available as a FREE download, or as an integrated component of the Specops Password Policy solution, which can help solve any of the detected vulnerabilities. Download this datasheet to see how…

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    Success Planning

    You did it. You purchased a self-service password reset solution and are just a few steps away from revolutionizing the password reset process – forever! Installing the Gatekeeper and Administration Tool is just the beginning. The next step is to effectively roll out the solution to your organization. To maximize your investment, there’s a few…

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    10 Step Communication Plan

    Now that you have a password reset solution, how do you make sure adoption is successful? Check out our communication plan for engaging users and stakeholders.

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    Introducing uReset End-User Guide

    This document will guide users through the enrollment and password reset process. For a more customized experience, refer to this editable Word document which can be modified to your policy and corporate branding.

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