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Slow application downloads or stuck at “Downloading ..%”

Possible cause

  1. The Microsoft bits protocol cannot handle the high amount of files/folders for the package. Bits has limitations.
  2. Both Windows updates and Specops are using the bits protocol for downloading and Windows updates always has higher priority than Specops. So when Windows Updates are being downloaded to a machine then Specops must stand in line and wait for its turn. This will slow down the download process and in some cases even halt the download.
  3. There are GPO settings where you can enable and configure bits limitations etc. There might be one or more of these settings configured in a GPO that is applied to the machines.

Possible solution

  1. Bits is being used when the “source option” for the deployment in the admin tool is set to download the files. Changing the option to “install from Network” so it won’t use Bits usually helps.
  2. Try again when Windows updates has finished. You need to delete the cache on the client/clients and It needs to be done at two locations on the client: C:\windows\SpecopsDeploy\DownloadCache\<DeploymentGuid>, and in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Specopssoft\SpecopsDeploy\Client Side Extension\Download Cache\<DeploymentGuid>
  3. In Active Directory User & Computers and in Group Policy Management: Locate your affected machines and go through the settings of all the GPO’s that are applied. Make sure that GPO’s with Bits limitation settings aren’t applied to the machines.

June 28, 2018

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