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How deploy the OneDrive sync client with Specops Deploy

To enable users to bypass their lack of administrative rights, many applications, such as Dropbox, Spotify, and OneDrive, are installed in the AppData profile directory. For administrators, this is a security hole, and for users, it is an inconvenience. Take the OneDrive sync client for example (the Next Generation Sync Client which has merged the Business client and the Personal Client). If multiple users logs into the same machine, they won’t all have the sync client installed.

Specops Deploy always installs applications as the Local System account. The below steps demonstrate how you can deploy the OneDrive sync client with Specops Deploy, and overcome the aforementioned complications.

When creating your deployment software package, simply add ALLUSERS=1 as an install command parameter, and proceed as usual. Once installed to your machines, the OneDrive shortcut will appear in the start menu shortly after the user logs in to the machine.

Happy deployment!

December 7, 2017

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