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Specops Authentication now supports Okta Verify

Stockholm, March, 25, 2020 – Specops Software released the latest version of its Specops Authentication platform. The platform secures self-service password reset, password change, and encryption key recovery with multi-factor authentication (MFA). The introduction of the Okta Verify authentication... Read More

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New data unlocked in Specops Password Auditor

Stockholm, March 24, 2020 – Specops Software released today the latest version of Specops Password Auditor, a free tool that system administrators can use to scan their Active Directory for password-related security vulnerabilities. This latest release unlocks previously hidden... Read More

New job creation from foreign investment in the UK 2020

Foreign Investment in UK Foreign investment in the UK is very important for the performance, growth and success of various economic variables. This being especially true for employment. With Brexit causing a lot of economic and political uncertainty, it... Read More

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OS deployment for remote scenarios

Do you need to deploy operating systems and applications to new devices? If you have purchased equipment to support a remote workforce, Specops Deploy will enable zero touch deployment, and reduce your deployment time.  This blog will explain how you can enable a remote... Read More

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Specops Software Coronavirus Business Continuity Plans

At Specops Software we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We are confident that the Coronavirus will not significantly impact the support... Read More

The European Countries Most at Risk of Cyber-Crime

The severity of cyber-breaches has become more and more intense in recent years; as a result, security experts at Specops Software sought to find out which (Western) European countries are the most cyber-insecure for citizens. To find out, Specops... Read More

Election Security Beyond the Voting Booth

A lot of the focus of today’s U.S. election security discussion is about securing the act of voting itself – things like testing machines, adding paper logs, avoiding internet connections for reporting results, etc. However, if you’re just focusing... Read More

How to configure password expiration notifications

When it comes to notifying users that their passwords are going to expire soon, more communication is always better. Users do not enjoy the password change process; keeping them informed as to when their password will expire is a great... Read More

“Love” conquers most in passwords

Stockholm – Specops Software announced today the latest updates to Specops Breached Password Protection, a solution to continuously check if an account in Active Directory is using a leaked password. Analysis reveals the most common words used in password... Read More