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Password Policies and Guidelines

Using a password policy is an important part in enhancing your organization’s password security. Cyberattacks continue to explode around the world with a variety of techniques to compromise corporate passwords. To defend against these attacks, organizations employ password policies... Read More

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Active Directory reversible encryption explained

If you have administered password policies in Active Directory or looked at the local policies present in the Windows client operating system, you may have noticed an interesting setting contained in the Account policies section. The setting is Store... Read More

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Nvidia leak shows weak passwords in use [new data]

Cyber-criminal group LAPSUS$ claimed GPU manufacturer Nvidia as one of its latest breach victims at the end of February. The news of the breach made headlines in the past few weeks, including details that employee passwords were leaked. The... Read More

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How to delegate password reset permissions in Active Directory

Least privilege access is a crucial part of security that protects against overprovisioning user permissions. Even with IT technicians, and junior administrators, this needs to be considered when configuring permissions in the environment. A case in point is helpdesk... Read More

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What is Active Directory? A brief overview…

Active Directory, commonly referred to as AD (not to be confused with Entra ID, formerly Azure AD) was developed by Microsoft and first released as a centralized domain directory service with Windows 2000 Server Edition. Since its original release,... Read More