Specops Password Policy

Banish over 4 billion compromised passwords.

Simplify the management of fine-grained password policies in Active Directory. Continuously block over 4 billion unique compromised passwords, easily enforce compliance, and lower your support burden by giving end users a better security experience.

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  • Continuously block over 4 billion breached passwords

    • Breached Password Protection feature blocks and removes over 4 billion unique compromised passwords
    • Continuous scan feature finds breached passwords daily, instead of only at password change or reset
    • Includes passwords from real-time attack monitoring system that monitors live brute force attacks, plus malware-stolen data from our human-led Threat Intelligence team
  • Better user experience for fewer service desk tickets

    • Dynamic feedback reacts to user input, guiding them to create strong passwords they can actually remember  
    • Customizable SMS and/or email notifications to alert users if their password has been compromised 
    • Easy-to-understand, simple user experience avoids password frustration and fatigue, meaning fewer calls and emails to the support desk 
  • Quickly create and enforce compliant password policies

    • Readymade compliance templates and reporting tool ensure you match standards  
    • Comply with cybersecurity regulations (e.g. NIST, CJIS, NCSC, ANSSI,) and privacy regulations (e.g. CNIL, HITRUST, PCI)  


We check your Active Directory on a daily basis against a continuously updated list of known breached passwords – not just at expiry or reset. See how Specops compares head-to-head with Azure AD.

  • Continuous scanning against list of 4 billion (and counting) compromised passwords
  • Create an unlimited custom dictionary of blocked words unique to your organization – use Regex to further customize requirements
  • Block user names, display names, consecutive characters, incremental passwords, and reusing parts of current passwords to protect against targeted attacks
  • Informative end-user client messaging at failed password change that reduces calls to the helpdesk
  • Our client supports wrapping, making it easy to pair with your chosen MFA solution
  • Granular, GPO-driven targeting for any GPO level, computer, user, or group population
  • Prevents the use of passwords being used in attacks happening right now
  • Length-based password expiration with customizable email notifications that rewards users with more time before the next reset when they set longer passwords
  • Real-time, dynamic feedback at password change with the Specops Authentication client
  • Over 25 languages supported including English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese
Our company needed a way to protect our staff and IT staff from vishing impersonation calls as well as harden our password policy compliance so we could get our ISO 2700 certification. Specops provided all the tools we need all in one package.”
Cybersecurity specialist IT Security and Risk Management
The deployment process was easy with the assistance offered. The software itself is powerful and helps us meet regulatory criteria.
IT Banking Industry

Try Specops Password Policy for free

Weak password security can create thousands of potential attack routes into your organization. See how Specops Password Policy can fit with your organization and reduce your attack surface with one simple Active Directory integration.

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A strong password policy encourages unique passwords that are hard to guess. A strong Active Directory Password Policy protects the network from unauthorized access.

Most cybersecurity regulations recommend screening new passwords against a list of known compromised passwords. More detailed advice on best practice for Active Directory security can be found here. 

A weak password policy in Active Directory does not disallow commonly used words nor does it block known breached passwords.

Active Directory does not check for breached passwords out-of-the-box. With some configuration, Administrators can check Active Directory passwords against the Have I been Pwned password list.

The fine-grained password policy in Active Directory is not compliant with common cybersecurity requirements. With a third-party tool like Specops Password Policy, system admins can easily enforce a compliant password policy. 

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