2023 Specops Weak Password Report

Read the latest research on weak passwords and how to eliminate them from your AD

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Passwords are easy to attack because people use easy-to-guess passwords. These passwords are guessable because people reuse passwords and follow common patterns and themes. These passwords then end up on breached lists and can be attacked via brute force and password spraying. Understanding common password patterns and user behaviors is the first step in securing passwords and the critical business data they protect. 

About the Data

Poor password practices are putting businesses at risk. Data breaches continue to be a threat to all types of organizations across the globe, underscoring the importance of greater password security, as a means to protect our business data, as well as our digital ecosystem.

This year’s Weak Password Report highlights why passwords are still the weakest link in an organization’s network, and how stronger password policy enforcement can be your best defense.

The research in this report has been compiled through various methods, including:

  • Our analysis of 800 million breached passwords, a subset of the more than 4 billion unique compromised passwords within the Specops Breached Password Protection list.
  • Our analysis of passwords found in live attacks on our team’s honeypot network, another source for compromised passwords blocked by the Specops Breached Password Protection list.

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