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Enabling uReset for Azure AD Joined Clients

In this article we will review the steps required for enabling Azure Active Directory joined Windows clients with the Specops Authentication Client to use uReset from the Windows login screen. Please note these instructions apply only to AAD-only machines and are not applicable to hybrid-joined machines.

The following features of the client are not currently supported on AAD-joined machines:

  • Reset Password link — we will enable the Reset Password Tile here instead
  • Start Menu Shortcuts — the settings here will remove our start menu shortcuts. Customers are encouraged to create their own shortcuts for Enroll/Reset/Change
  • Enrollment Reminders — use email-based enrollment reminders as an alternative
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL Password Change Feedback — traditional CTRL+ALT+DEL password change is not available in AAD-joined Windows

Identify Passsword Reset URL

Launch Specops Authentication Gatekeeper Administration from the start menu on your Gatekeeper server. Next, choose the uReset tab on the left. Under the URLs in this section, identify and right-click the Reset Password URL again storing it to a temporary location:

Configure Off-Network Specops Authentication Client using the Registry

Deploy the following registry settings to your clients via Intune script or other method of your choice.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







These settings correspond to the following settings in the Specops Authentication Client ADMX template:

  • General Client Settings -> Create start menu shortcuts to password enroll/change/reset: Disabled
  • Enhance Windows logon and password change -> Show the Password Reset link: Disabled
  • Separate logon tile settings -> Enable Separate Password Reset Logon Tile: Enabled
  • URL Overrides (uReset) -> Reset Password web page URL
  • URL Overrides (uReset) -> Reset Password web page URL from Internet

August 25, 2022

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