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How do I migrate Password Policy?

With the retiring of Server 2012/r2 fast approaching a question that has risen in popularity is how I migrate my password policy to another server to continue using the product without any issues?

The simple answer is not a lot needs to be done since all of the configuration is stored in Group Policy and Active Directory.

The first thing to look at is if you are on the latest version. If the answer is no, then the recommended suggestion is to upgrade by downloading the latest version and following the upgrade guide from the links below. If you are on version 7.5 or below, you will need a new license key.

If you are on the latest version or choose to not upgrade, all you would need to do is install the Password Policy domain administration tools and/or the arbiter onto the new server which you can do by either running the version of the setup assistant for the version you want on the server or by looking in the C:\temp\SpecopsPasswordPolicy_Setup_(version number)\Products where the admin tools is currently installed, which is generally where the installation is run and the files are extracted. From there you can copy the needed components and copy them over to the individual servers you would like to move the software too.

June 28, 2023

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