Cached Credentials: Reset a password remotely

If a user is away from the office and forgets their password, they need to be able to reset it without coming back to the office.

Under ordinary circumstances, when a user signs in to a domain joined computer while in the office, a cached copy of their password hash is stored locally. This allows the computer to verify the user, even if a Domain Controller cannot be reached for authentication.

However, if the user is away from the office, they reset their Active Directory password, and a Domain Controller cannot be reached, the new password will not be present in the cache on the local computer. In this scenario, a user that has forgotten their old password will be locked out of their computer.

Specops uReset and Specops Password Reset can update the cached credentials even when a Domain Controller cannot be reached. This can be done from the Reset Password link on the login screen of a machine where the Specops Authentication Client is installed.