Client debugging

You can configure Specops Authentication to log internal activity to a verbose debug log. The debug log allows you to follow the events leading up to the error. Debug logging is enabled by changing the relevant registry key from “0” to “1.” Additional logging will be returned by using the higher debug levels “2” or “3.”

Below you will find a list of the registry settings used by the Specops Authentication Client.

Client (user mode)

  • Registry key: HKLM\Software\Specopssoft\uReset\Client\Logging\Debug
  • Description: Debugging for processes that run under the context of the logged in end user
  • Password Reset / uReset Key Feature: Enrollment reminders
  • Password Policy Key Feature: Password expiration reminders
  • Log file location: %localappdata%\Specopssoft\Specops.Authentication.Client.log

Credential Provider

  • Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Specopssoft\uReset\Client\CredentialProvider\Logging\Debug
  • Description: Features that rely on the client credential provider (Windows login screen, lock screen, ctrl+alt+del password change)
  • Password Reset / uReset Key Features:
    • Creation of the Reset Password… link or logon tile at the login & lock screens
    • Launching the Secured Browser when the Reset Password… link or logon tile is clicked
  • Password Policy Key Features:
    • Detailed feedback during ctrl+alt+del password changes
  • Log file location:
    • %WINDIR%\debug\sppcredentialprovider [LOGONUI].log
    • %WINDIR%\debug\spptiledcredentialprovider [LOGONUI].log

Secured Browser

  • Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Specopssoft\uReset\Client\SecuredBrowser\Logging\Debug
  • Description: secured browser that is launched when the Reset Password… link is clicked
  • Password Reset / uReset Key Features: Navigation in the browser that launches when clicking the Reset Password… link/tile
  • Password Policy Key Features: N/A
  • Log file location:
    • %WINDIR%\debug\securedbrowser [SECUREDBROWSER].log
  • Note that if running secured browser under the network service account, it is necessary to grant write permission for the network service account to the c:\windows\debug folder

Password Change Feedback

  • Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Specopssoft\uReset\Client\ RulesUI\Logging\Debug
  • Description: Dynamic feedback during Change Password from Windows
  • Log file location:
    • %windir%\debug\