Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a summary of new features and changes since the last release. The Release Notes can help you evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary.

Current Release


Fixed Issues

  • Configuring the Azure AD sync provider could fail.

Released January 04, 2024


Fixed Issues

  • Creating new sync point could fail.

Released October 11, 2023


Fixed Issues

  • Simplified configuration for Azure AD sync provider.

Released April 17, 2023


New functionality

  • New sync provider for Azure AD, replacing the Microsoft Online Services for password resets in Azure AD. The new provider uses the Microsoft Graph API for resetting passwords, while the Microsoft Online Services provider is based on Azure AD cmdlets. The Microsoft Online Services provider will continue to exist, but it is recommended to migrate to the Azure AD sync provider.

Released 07 February, 2023


Fixed issues

  • LDAP sync provider was using search filters mostly targeted for Microsoft Active Directory. It has now been updated to support other LDAP directories.

Released 08 August, 2022



  • The Microsoft Online Services sync provider has been updated to use the Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph module.

Released 02 May, 2022


Fixed issues

  • Sync with Microsoft SQL server provider could result in error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".

Other changes

  • Added name of the domain control performing the password change/reset to event about successful password change.

Released January 12, 2022


New functionality

  • Support for Ldap provider to use custom attribute to identify users in target system, as alternative to direct lookup with distinguished name.

Fixed issues

  • Right-clicking the Specops Password Sync node from Group Policy Management Editor could result in an error message and the Group Policy Management Editor needed to be restarted.

Released September 22, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Resetting passwords, by setting unicodePwd in Active Directory using the LDAP sync provider failed.

Released May 13, 2020


Other changes

  • LDAP provider: configuration parameter “Convert to Unicode” has been changed to a new parameter “Password Format”. See Reference Materials > LDAP Provider for more detailed information.

Released December 03, 2019


Fixed Issues

  • In a locked down environment, configuring sync settings using the setup wizard in the administration tool, could fail with “The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist.”
  • A working installation of Specops Password Sync could fail with “The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist” in the event log, if Active Directory had been locked down after the initial installation.
  • Broken Google Apps sync provider. If affected, resets with Google Apps resulted in eventlog errors containing text such as “System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for ‘Google.Apis.Json.NewtonsoftJsonSerializer’ threw an exception.”

Released March 22, 2017



  • Specops Password Sync Filter made compatible with domain controllers that have “Additional LSA Protection” configured.
  • Enforced TLS 1.2 for Password Change Notifier (running on 2008/2008R2) requests to the Sync Server.

Released February 7, 2017

Version 6.4.60303.1

Released March 3, 2016

Version 6.4

New Feature

  • The installation for Specops Password Policy, Specops Password Sync, and Specops Password Reset is now separated to 3 different Setup Assistants.

Released February 24, 2016 | 6.4.60217.2

Version 6.3 Maintenance Release 4

New Features

  • Full Windows 10 support.
  • Added a Sync Provider to synchronize passwords to IBM Cloud Connections.

Released August 18, 2015 | Build number: 6.3.50813

Version 6.3 Maintenance Release 3

Released May 11, 2015 | Build number: 6.3.50506

Version 6.3 Maintenance Release 2

New Features

  • Windows 10 support for the Specops Password Client and the Administration Tools.
  • Support for the new Google API.

Released April 17, 2015 | Build number: 6.3.50414

Version 6.3 Maintenance Release 1

Fixed Issues

  • Administration Tools: When an administrator created a sync scope, the “Remove” button next to the User Scope of Manangement displayed an incorrect caption.

Released August 6, 2014 | Build number: 6.3.40731

Version 6.3

New Features

  • Added support for unlocking locked accounts in the SAP provider.
  • New IBM Domino sync provider with support for resetting HTTP/Internet passwords, unlocking locked out users, and resetting ID Vault passwords.

Fixed Issues

  • Administration Tools: When an administrator created a Sync Scope, they received an error in the Setup Wizard if the OU name in the User Scope of Management field contained a “/.”
  • SAP Sync Provider: In rare circumstances, after an administrator upgraded the sync server, the sync server would crash during startup.
  • Setup Assistant: When an administrator started the Specops Setup Assistant on a server outside of the domain, the Setup Assistant failed to initialize.
  • Domain Configuration Tool: When an administrator selected “Edit Selected Domain Configuration” and clicked “OK” without making any changes, custom attribute settings in the registry were removed.

Released June 17, 2014 | Build number: 6.3.40617

Version 6.2 Maintenance Release 1

New Features

  • Improved LDAP compatibility including support for Negotiate authentication and username/password authentication using TLS connection.
  • New Sync tool that can be used to test provider configuration of a SyncPoint.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 support.

Fixed Issues

  • SAP Sync Provider: When an administrator tried to set a Sync point, they could only have one sync point against one SAP installation.

Released December 5, 2013 | Build number: 6.2.31205

Version 6.2

New Features

  • Added a sync provider to synchronize password to IBM Domino.
  • Added a sync provider to synchronize password to SAP.
  • Added support for automatically unlocking locked accounts in the Active Directory provider.
  • Improved sync provider architecture to make it easier to add new providers.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a problem in the Active Directory sync provider to make it work correctly with .Net Framework 4.5.

Released June 25, 2013

Version 6.1

New Features

  • Added a sync provider to synchronize passwords to the local SAM database.
  • Added a sync provider to synchronize passwords to Windows Services.
  • Added a sync provider which sends configurable e-mail notifications about password changes.

Fixed Issues

  • Prevented computer account passwords from being synchronized.

Released November 27, 2012