Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a summary of new features and changes since the last release. The Release Notes can help you evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary.

Current Release


Fixed Issues

  • Sending SMTP notifications could fail with TLS 1.2

Released March 22, 2022


Fixed Issues

  • If the account importing the license was using other date format settings than the system account, license counting failed and indicated invalid license in the Windows eventlog. To recover from this state, upgrade to this version, and import the license again from the setup assistant.

Released December 08, 2020


Fixed Issues

  • Minor bug fixes.

Released September 16, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Importing license could fail if the license file encoding had been changed (for instance if changed by mail server when sending the license file by mail).

Released June 15, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Date/Time separators were taken from computer settings rather than group policy.

Released April 16, 2020


New functionality

  • Added support for SPP’s length based password aging.
  • Ability to configure timezone and date format.
  • Free license. This release introduces a free license, good through 2020, that enables full use of Specops Password Notification for any organization. Downloadable here.

Fixed issues

  • The service could fail to start due to missing eventlog registration.
  • Mail addresses with top domain suffix longer than 3 characters were not allowed in policy configuration.

Released April 8, 2020


  • Failed to find users with fine-grained password policies on Active Directory 2016 domains.

Released July 9, 2019


  • Support for leetspeak in Specops Password Policy dictionaries.

Released July 16, 2018


New Feature

  • Added support for sending notifications to users affected by Specops Password Policy.

Fixed issue

  • Not all Group Policies for a user were taken into account.

Released January 3, 2017