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Authentication and password security is more important than ever. Our password audit tool scans your Active Directory and identifies password-related vulnerabilities. The collected information generates multiple interactive reports containing user and password policy information. Specops Password Auditor is a read-only program, and available for FREE download.

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  • Get password reports

    Analyze your domain password policies, and fine-grained password policies, to see if they enable users to create secure passwords. Generate reports to identify accounts with password vulnerabilities, including expired passwords, identical passwords, blank passwords, and more. In addition to these insights, Specops Password Auditor allows you to measure the effectiveness of your policies against a brute-force attack. For a complete list of the password reports, see the product overview

  • Audit Active Directory accounts

    With many breaches resulting from compromised passwords, accounts using leaked passwords are an entry point for attackers. Our password audit tool scans and checks passwords of the user accounts against a list of vulnerable passwords obtained from multiple data breach leaks. It also provides a full view of the administrator accounts in an organization’s domain, including stale/inactive admin accounts. From a single view, you can identify vulnerabilities that can assist you with your security plan.  

  • Align password policies with standards

    Are your password policies enabling poor practice? Specops Password Auditor generates comparison reports of the password settings in your organization, with industry standards and compliance standards from NIST, PCI, Microsoft, and SANS.

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  • Overview of password policies including change interval, dictionary enforcement, as well as relative strength
  • Identify accounts using one of over 1 billion compromised passwords
  • Identify user accounts without a minimum password length requirement
  • Identify dormant user accounts
  • Password expiration reports to curb password-related helpdesk calls
  • Use standalone or integrate with Specops Password Policy
  • Export report data to CSV for further processing
  • Generate an executive summary PDF report to share your results with decision makers (available in English, French, or German)
  • Audit least privilege implementation with a review of accounts with admin rights
  • Identify users who have not changed their password since X date to help with a reset all password directive or the rollout of a new password policy
Specops Password Auditor: Build a Solid Foundation for Password Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

password audit checks your environment for password vulnerabilities such as appearing on a list of known breached passwords, failing to meet compliance requirements like PCI or NIST, and duplicate passwords. The audit may also check for passwords that have not been changed in a certain period of time.

Passwords are prone to compromise, either due to poor password hygiene, attacks via social engineering, or due to people reusing passwords, not knowing that a password has already been breached.

Password policies are a key part of ensuring no weak, compromised, or easy-to-guess passwords are being used in your Active Directory environment. Regular audits allow system administrators to ensure no such passwords have slipped in under the radar.

Password audits in Active Directory are an important tool. Running a password audit through Active Directory requires downloading a file of password hashes and then using a third-party tool to crack them. Once cracked, you can review a plain text file to determine whether you have any password issues in your Active Directory environment.

Alternatively, system administrators can use Specops Password Auditor to do a scan of their environment and present all password vulnerabilities.

Minimum password length auditing exists to help organizations gauge the effect of imposing a minimum password length. When this setting is enabled (and its length exceeds the current minimum password length), Windows will generate an audit event.

A password audit should be performed monthly to catch any password vulnerabilities and prevent exploitation.

Powerful and easy to use

The wealth of information given from the tool was a great feature, especially the comparison of current policy to industry best practices.

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