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Wrong username or password.

Error message during an enrollment or password reset attempt.

The most common cause is obviously as the error message says, that you have typed the wrong username or password but if you’re 100% sure that it’s correct and you’re still getting the message then it may be due to other causes.

Out of Scope

Make sure that the affected user account Is located within your selected Active Directory scope. Locate the user account in Active Directory Users & Computers, compare its location with your configured scope settings in the Specops Authentication Gatekeeper Admin tool.

The Log On To… setting

Make sure that you’re trying to sign in with the username from a computer that’s allowed.

In Active Directory Users & Computers: right-click the users account name and select Properties.

Go to the Account tab and click on Log On To..

Usually it’s set to the default value All computers but sometimes it’s configured for certain computers only. If the current computer isn’t in the list then the user will get the error message. Can be solved by setting it back to All computers or by adding the computer to the list.

June 17, 2022

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