best password policy meme award

And the best password meme award goes to…

(Last updated on September 26, 2019)

For a few weeks now we have been running a contest for SpiceHeads, IT professionals who use Spiceworks and thereby are official curators of all things Spicy. The inspiration for the contest came after attending several local SpiceCorps meetups, and hosting our very own meetup in our Toronto office. The meetups not only bring the community together, typically in a casual setting, but also allow them to share their stories, or voice their work-related frustrations. Given our natural interest in password related IT experiences, we wanted to hear from the community beyond our local reach. The solution? Asking SpiceHeads to share their experiences by creating their very own password policy related meme. In return, the best three memes, as selected by the Specops team, will receive Amazon gift cards.

The contest has received over a 100 entries, and while we enjoy the comedic relief, picking the lucky winners gets harder and harder with each new entry. After careful consideration, and a long internal deliberation, we are pleased to announce our top three winners.

1st place: Submitted by SpiceHead @BSOD’D

Ali Baba Password meme

Runner up: Submitted by SpiceHead @mteague

password reset - mother's middle name

Runner up: Submitted by SpiceHead @colleen5702

Password post-it

Thank you to all participants. If you like to see more of these “just for fun” contests, tweet us @specopssoftware

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