prevent sleep with PowerShell and the MDT workbench

Preventing Sleep when patching a new image

Patching a machine can be a tedious process, especially if the machine goes to sleep before the process is complete. This has been a common problem our Specops Deploy customers have run into when creating an image for Windows... Read More

Customize the Windows 10 start menu before deployment

Customize the Windows 10 start menu

If you are ready to install Windows 10, stop for a minute to find out how you customize the Windows 10 start menu. You will save yourself time and avoid a major hassle for your end users. We love... Read More

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PowerShell 002

Another day-in-the-lifetype post. We have all been there; systems engineers, developers, hobbyists, tinkers or the like finding ourselves troubleshooting network issues. And the first thing we do? Anyone? PING. Right? We all head to PING or IPConfig or some... Read More