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Darren James is a Senior Product Manager at Specops Software, an Outpost24 company. Darren is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked as a consultant across various organizations and sectors, including central and local governments, retail and energy. His areas of specialization include identity and access management, Active Directory, and Azure AD. Darren has been with Specops Software for more than 12 years and brings his expertise to the support and development of world-class password security and authentication solutions. 

Articles written by Darren James

  • PCI compliance requirements in the UK

    In 2018, criminals successfully stole £1.2 billion through fraud and scams. Now more than ever, businesses that processes cardholder data look to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for security recommendations. PCI DSS is a set of…

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  • desktop screen with lock on it

    What causes BitLocker Recovery Mode?

    Sysadmins often ask us about BitLocker Recovery Mode. They have implemented BitLocker as their endpoint encryption solution which means that the IT service desk now has to issue recovery keys. Here’s where it gets complicated – the recovery keys are…

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  • Active Directory Password Audit

    Active directory password audit best practices

    Passwords are the bane of any IT Security Officers life, but as they are still the primary way of authenticating users in Active Directory, it’s a good idea to check that your users are making good password choices. Unfortunately, the…

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  • How to deploy a MSI package with Group Policy?

    Group Policy Software Installation (GPSI) was once hailed as a great incentive for all organizations to upgrade their NT4 domains to Active Directory.  It meant that there was no longer a need for those complex application deployment tools, it can…

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  • How to enforce password history in Active Directory

    The “Enforce password history” setting in Active Directory is used to determine the number of unique passwords a user must use before they can use an old password again. This is an important setting because password reuse is a common…

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  • desktop screen with lock on it

    What are the benefits of Full Disk Encryption

    Full (or Whole) Disk Encryption (FDE) is a phrase used to describe the encryption of a computer hard drive(s) so it is not easily readable by an unauthorized user. As the name suggests, because this is done at disk level…

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  • lösenord problem

    Cyber Essentials Password Policy

    Passwords play an important role in the Cyber Essentials scheme as they are a common means of authenticating true users, while preventing unauthorized access. Two of the five controls in the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme address password security requirements…

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  • Sync passwords between Active Directory domains

    There are many reasons why you might want to sync a password between two Active Directory (AD) domains. We commonly see requests from customers who are looking at migrating their users from one domain to another. This could be for…

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  • How and why the NHS should transform password policy for greater security

    As the largest employer in the United Kingdom, and the fifth largest in the world, the NHS has a responsibility to lead the way in cyber security. After all, there's much at stake. For a high profile and public-facing organisation…

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  • Copying data from one attribute to another attribute in Active Directory

    We often have customers that want to allow their users to use their mobile device as an identity service for our self-service solutions. By default, we use the ‘mobile’ attribute in AD as it automatically enrolls a user into the…

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