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Brien Posey is a freelance author and speaker, and 15-time Microsoft MVP with 20+ years of IT experience.

Articles written by Brien Posey

  • hacker with hat

    Microsoft adds phishing protection to Windows 11

    With the recent release of Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft has introduced some new capabilities that are designed to protect users against phishing attacks. These phishing protection features are designed to prevent users from making some of the mistakes that…

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  • hacker stealing password information

    Protecting Your Organization Against the Nobelium Attacks

    The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has recently issued guidance to organizations in response to a series of attacks. This guidance was released following a notification in which Microsoft indicated that it had identified new activity tied to an Advanced…

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  • How to audit password changes in AD

    Windows Server provides native tools for changing user passwords and auditing password changes in AD. However, they are somewhat lacking. Third-party tools such as Specops uReset can make the process easier and more secure. ADUC There are two main ways…

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  • Bulk Modify Active Directory User Attributes

    How to bulk modify Active Directory user attributes

    Active Directory attributes often contain a wealth of information about users, including their phone numbers, department, location, and much more. Even so, this information is only valid if it is kept up-to-date. Sometimes this means updating an individual attribute, such…

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  • locks highlighted and lined up

    Active Directory weak password checker

    One of the most important things that system administrators can do to keep their network resources secure is to require users to use strong passwords. After all, long and complex passwords are far less prone to being breached than simpler…

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  • Password policy enforcement

    Password policy enforcement

    One of the most critical things that organizations must do in order to ensure the security of their user accounts is to establish a strong password policy, and then ensure that the policy is being enforced. The Windows operating system…

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  • Security at the Helpdesk

    IT departments have always invested heavily in making sure that their systems are able to positively confirm user identities prior to granting users access to sensitive resources. Not surprisingly, there are any number of mechanisms available for authenticating users. Some…

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  • Windows password recovery tool

    Evaluating Windows password recovery tools for employee self-service

    Nearly every organization, large or small has to deal with the problem of employees occasionally forgetting their passwords. Historically, a forgotten password has meant placing a phone call to the helpdesk. However, this tends to be a very poor use…

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  • data encrypted message on screen

    Using Group Policy to configure BitLocker

    Although Windows makes it possible to manually enable BitLocker encryption for a storage device, BitLocker can also be enabled and configured through the use of group policy settings. This is particularly useful for organizations who have a compliance mandate to…

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  • desktop screen with lock on it

    Setting up BitLocker for Windows 10

    What is Bitlocker? BitLocker Drive Encryption, which is commonly referred to simply as BitLocker, allows Windows users to encrypt hard drives in an effort to keep data secure. BitLocker has been a part of the Windows operating system for many…

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