Find correct driver for my new hardware with Windows 10 WinPE

Find correct driver for my new hardware with Windows 10 WinPE

A customer turned to me for help when he got this error message during OS deployment to a new Dell machine.

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This error message is very common when your WinPE boot image is missing the driver for a new hardware. Here’s how I solved the problem:

I checked the VEN_XXXX and DEV_XXX in the error message to see what vendor and device were missing the driver. In this case it was VEN_8086 and DEV_15B7.

From the Dell download page, I downloaded the driver for this model. I discovered that the driver contained more than one driver (normal for vendors). I looked in the .INF files to find the correct VENDOR ID. I found the information in a file called E1D6532.inf which looked like this:

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Once I found the correct driver, I imported it to Specops Deploy.

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Remember to add the correct driver to the right machine – check for the correct make, model and OS folder. In this case my machine was a Dell Optiplex 7040 Windows 10.

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Once you complete the above steps, make sure to publish.

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Once it has been published and the WDS has the new WinPE applied, lean back and watch the magic happen.

Happy deployment!

(Last updated on October 30, 2023)

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