Reset Password App Migration

If users in your organization are using the Specops Password Reset mobile app to reset their passwords, and you have set up and configured Specops Authentication for uReset, you can automatically redirect your users to Specops Authentication for uReset, instead of the legacy reset solution, such as Specops uReset or Specops Password Reset.

  1. Sign in to the Specops Authentication Web.
  2. Under the Useful Links section, click the Admin Pages link.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Click the Specops Password Reset app tab. If Specops Authentication detects that you are still using the legacy Specops uReset, the Specops Password Reset app mode will be set to “Legacy System”.
  5. Click the Use Specops Authentication button and the Specops Password Reset App mode will change to “Specops Authentication”.
You can switch back to the legacy Specops uReset at any time, by clicking the Use Legacy System button.

More information on the migration process can be found here.