Specops uReset®

End-User Adoption Guaranteed

Specops uReset revolutionizes self-service password reset by enabling authentication choice. With support of over 20 identity services that can be weighted and layered to increase identity security and end-users' understanding of it, uReset guarantees that your end-users will always be able to complete the reset/account unlock task in the most secure and intuitive manner. The solution also supports pre-enrollment options to ensure immediate adoption and the ease of mind that your users can and will access the system effectively – anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device.

The solution is delivered as a SaaS solution. Evaluate the cloud offering to get the uReset experience today.

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    Authentication Choice
    With flexible multi-factor authentication, you can pick, choose, layer and add weights to over 20 identity services including social, email, popular SaaS identities and higher trust options to effectively address both usability and security goals.

    Weighted Identity
    Not all identity services have the same level of security. Given that, Specops uReset lets you add weights to identity services to reflect their security level while increasing end-user understanding of identity security. This has the benefit of allowing end-users to authenticate with fewer, more secure identity services out of the choices extended.

    Cloud Delivery Model
    The cloud delivery model supports success driven roll out strategies to ensure desired security, adoption, and usage.

    Hosted SMS with Global Coverage
    Eliminates the need to work with an SMS provider and the need to issue expensive hardware tokens by turning highly deployed mobile phones into high trust devices.

    No External Storing of Password Data 
    Password related data is stored in Active Directory Group Policy user objects as such you can benefit from additional functionality right within your existing environment while knowing that passwords will never be out of sync with your Active Directory.



    • Flexible Multi-Factor Authentication with over 25 identity services supported to increase password reset security, and tighten admin and helpdesk access.
    • Weighted identity services, which allows the administrator to assign a specific weight for each identity service, ultimately deciding that one identity service is worth twice as much as another during authentication.
    • Accessible from any web browser, via the Windows login screen, or the Specops uReset mobile applications (available in Windows Store, Google Play, and App store).
    • Helpdesk capabilities including: granular delegated helpdesk user permissions, end-user verification with multi-factor authentication, as well as unlocking user accounts and setting new passwords.
    • Various enrollment options: enforcement, pre-enrollment, and admin-enrollment.
    • A reporting web page that can be used to view and export enrollment, events, and identity services utilization statistics.
    • Multi-language support: Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
    • Email and SMS notifications when certain system events occur, such as a user enrolling with the system.
  • 3rd Party Reviews

    5/5 rating and Gold Award on WindowSecurity.com

    Richard Hicks, “For such a powerful tool, this product is quick and simple to install and configure. In just a few minutes you’ll have online password reset with multiple third-party identity providers.”

    Windows expert review on 4sysops.com

    Timothy Warner, “…you’ll find uReset works exactly as advertised and is user-friendly enough to be comfortable for the most stubborn employee you support.”

    German Magazine “IT Adminstrator

    “uReset is a simple yet very well thought through solution.”

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