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Are password resets and account lockouts exhausting valuable IT resources? With Specops uReset end-users can unlock their accounts and reset their passwords easily and securely.

End-user Adoption Guaranteed

Self-service password reset solutions save money, improve security, and increase usability – if you can convince users to adopt the system. Specops uReset is a hybid password reset tool that revolutionizes the self-service process. The solution uses flexible multi-factor authentication to improve the overall security of user verification. With more than 20 identity services to choose from, users will always have a way to manage their passwords. You can even use the MFA enrollments to enhance O365 login security.

Enrolling with Specops uReset is simple. Guide users to enrollment using configurable reminders and notifications. To guarantee adoption, use the pre-enrollment options to register users before rollout. Specops uReset is easy to access. When a password reset need arises, users can use the system regardless of time, location, device, or browser.

Specops uReset is a product within the Specops Authentication & Password Management portfolio. Specops Authentication & Password Management solutions help you reach and exceed your desired level of authentication security, across multiple systems, including O365.

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  • Multi-factor authentication solution

    Enhance the user experience by adding familiar identity providers to the authentication process. In today’s digital world, users have registered profiles on a variety of online platforms. Specops uReset leverages these identities to offer flexibility during a password reset. With flexible authentication, you can choose to enable more than 20 identity providers, including:

    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & More
    • Email
    • Popular SaaS identities
    • And higher trust options

    Multiple authentication options guarantee that users will complete the password reset task, even if an enrolled identity service is unavailable. For example, if a user is enrolled with mobile code, but does not have their device when a password reset needs arises, they can still verify using social media. Add even more security by assigning a trust value to an identity provider. This allows you to decide that one identity provider is worth twice as much as another during authentication. Users who choose high-trust providers will have fewer steps before they can reset their account.

    Identity verification service

    The helpdesk is a popular target for hackers. A popular method is to submit a reset request, posing as a regular user. If they can convince the helpdesk that they’re authorized, they could gain access to that account. This is why it is critical that helpdesk staff follow best practices at all times. Our self-service solution removes the opportunity for user impersonation.
    Specops uReset enables helpdesk staff to verify users by using any of their enrolled identity providers. The multi-step process makes it more difficult for hackers to impersonate a user. Once a user has their identity verified, the helpdesk can set a new password and require the user to change it at next login.

    Store data in Active Directory

    Where and how data is stored is an important aspect to the security of the solution. Specops uReset stores password related data on the user object in Active Directory. Data security concerns also include who is able to access the user data. Specops uReset ensures that the data stays private, even from administrators and helpdesk users.

    • Flexible Multi-Factor Authentication with over 25 identity services supported to increase password reset security, and tighten admin and helpdesk access.
    • Weighted identity services, which allows the administrator to assign a specific weight for each identity service, ultimately deciding that one identity service is worth twice as much as another during authentication.
    • Accessible from any web browser, via the Windows login screen, or the Specops uReset mobile applications (available in Windows Store, Google Play, and App store).
    • Helpdesk capabilities including: granular delegated helpdesk user permissions, end-user verification with multi-factor authentication, as well as unlocking user accounts and setting new passwords.
    • Various enrollment options: enforcement, pre-enrollment, and admin-enrollment.
    • A reporting web page that can be used to view and export enrollment, events, and identity services utilization statistics.
    • Multi-language support: Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
    • Email and SMS notifications when certain system events occur, such as a user enrolling with the system.
    • Redundancy with multiple Gatekeepers to ensure you’re always up and running.
  • Customer reviews

    4/5 rating on Gartner Peer Insight

    3rd Party Reviews

    5/5 rating and Gold Award on WindowSecurity.com 

    Richard Hicks, “For such a powerful tool, this product is quick and simple to install and configure. In just a few minutes you’ll have online password reset with multiple third-party identity providers.”

    Windows expert review on 4sysops.com

    Timothy Warner, “…you’ll find uReset works exactly as advertised and is user-friendly enough to be comfortable for the most stubborn employee you support.”

    German Magazine IT Administrator

    Sandro Lucifora, “Specops uReset gives users the freedom to reset their Active Directory password at any time. It’s a simple, yet thoughtful solution.”

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