OS deployment for remote scenarios

Do you need to deploy operating systems and applications to new devices? If you have purchased equipment to support a remote workforce, Specops Deploy will enable zero touch deployment, and reduce your deployment time. 

This blog will explain how you can enable a remote workforce with Specops Deploy.  

Remote OS deployment  

Specops Deploy can install and maintain operating systems on a large number of computers, whether geographically distributed, or centrally located.  

Specops Deploy works with a master server called the Image Server and multiple Deployment servers that can be installed in branch offices. Specops Deploy supports Bare Metal Installs using PXE, In-Place Upgrades, and Windows OS imaging from a running Windows OS. The computer just needs to have direct network access to the Deployment server. 

Push out applications to remote clients  

Specops App Deploy is a Group Policy based system for application deployments. Every Group Policy refresh, the client computer will read the specified policy to determine if new software needs to be installed, upgraded, or uninstalled. As long as the client computer has access to the corporate network, for example by VPN, your corporate applications can always be managed and up-to-date. 

Secure remote devices 

A remote workforce poses its unique set of security challenges. At the very least you should enforce disk encryption to protect data on all devices that have the capability to connect to your organization’s network (e.g. laptops). In most cases this can be achieved with BitLocker. If you need to enable BitLocker on a new Windows machine, Specops Deploy makes it easy. Check out this blog post on How to deploy Bitlocker with Specops Deploy for more information.  

Free trial 

Click here to see how Specops Deploy can enable remote OS deployment – start your free trial of Specops Deploy.  

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(Last updated on October 30, 2023)

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