Press Release: Specops Password Management now supports passphrases

  • Passphrase policy increases password security
  • New admin interface improves user experience

Stockholm, Sweden – June 17, 2014. Specops Software announced today the latest release of Specops Password Management. The new version now supports the use of passphrases in addition to password complexity requirements. The new release marks the continued development of an award-winning software family of password-related solutions.

Passphrases are easy for users to remember and are more secure. Passphrases are longer than passwords and do not necessarily require advanced complexity such as a combination of special characters, numbers and upper and lowercase letters. A passphrase could be a simple sentence, with or without spaces, that is more than 20 characters long.

“Password security is all about being one step ahead of the attackers, and passphrases offer an excellent opportunity to increase security while improving the user experience,” says Thorbjörn Sjövold, CTO of Specops Software. “Passwords are still the primary means for authentication in companies and organization around the world. What we have done with our latest release is make this more secure and even easier for people to use.”

Specops Password Management release 6.3 is the latest development for the password product family containing Specops Password Policy, Specops Password Reset and Specops Password Sync.

About Specops Software

Specops Software is an award-winning software company that develops solutions for desktop and password management which extend the functionality of Windows infrastructure. With offices in the US, Canada, the UK and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Specops Software helps companies, organizations and educational institutions in more than 50 countries. Specops Software has grown steadily since it was founded in 2001 and reports strong turnover and solid profit.

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