Introducing: Freeware to prevent password expiration during pandemic

Stockholm, April 8, 2020 – Specops Software announced today the release of a free version of Specops Password Notification to help address password challenges associated with remote workers. Password Notification enables IT admins to configure password expiration email reminders to be sent via their own SMTP server, letting IT admins communicate password expirations to remote users.

Many password expiration reminders work well while in the office or on-network, but fail to notify users when working remotely. Allowing passwords to expire results in an increase in calls to the service desk where IT staff is already burdened serving the remote organization. There’s also the lengthy workaround to sync the new password to Active Directory.

“We want to help reduce the load on IT departments with freeware that solves a real problem,” said Marcus Kaber, CEO at Specops Software. “Releasing a freeware version of Password Notification is how Specops Software can help companies during this crisis. The whole company has come together quickly to release this freeware, as well as the recent release of Password Auditor where IT departments can see which of their users have leaked passwords.”

As COVID-19 has forced organizations to increase their number of remote workers, the off-network expired password is a growing problem. Today, Specops Software is releasing a free license for organizations to use with Specops Password Notification that is valid through the end of 2020 to help address this urgent problem.

“Trying to fix an expired password for a remote user is a headache – both for the user and for the IT staff trying to fix it remotely,” said Darren James, Product Specialist at Specops Software. “Remotely fixing an expired cached credential is a hairy issue that results in lost work time for all parties. We’re hoping the free release of Password Notification can help organizations by enabling IT admins to communicate the need to change a password ahead of its expiration to remote users.”

To secure a free copy of and license for Specops Password Notification, simply fill out the download form here.

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