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(Last updated on October 6, 2020)

Stockholm, June 25, 2019 – Specops Software announced today a new release of Specops Password Policy. The solution’s downloadable leaked password list with close to one billion passwords, now supports leaked password scanning. The solution enables you to detect accounts using leaked passwords, and enforce a password change.

Blocking leaked passwords is an important password security practice that is recommended by security experts and industry regulators. With so many leaked passwords available online, the ability to find accounts with vulnerable passwords, and forcing a password change, ensures end-to-end protection against this exploited attack vector.

“Identifying leaked passwords is a key security measure to stop hackers from reusing the billions of leaked passwords currently available online,” said Lori Osterholm, CTO at Specops Software. “Specops Password Policy is the only password filtering software that can identify leaked passwords used in Active Directory.”

Specops Password Policy, offers an advanced set of password security and auditing capabilities, including finding leaked passwords and enforcing passphrases, while banning the use of predictable password patterns. The solution’s extensive password blocking capabilities ensure organizations are protected from leaked passwords continuously.

“With Specops Password Policy, organizations can get a comprehensive view of their current password situation and easily remove password-related vulnerabilities,” said Osterholm.

Specops Password Policy is continuously developed with new functionalities to security concerns. Recent releases include support for length-based password aging, and a downloadable compromised password list containing 1 billion leaked passwords.

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