Specops OS Deploy – Windows 10 Tips

[Guest blog] Specops OS Deploy – Windows 10 notes

(Last updated on February 5, 2021)

If you are a Specops Deploy customer and looking to deploy applications to Windows 10 computers in your environment. I have good News!  Windows 10 works great in Specops OS Deploy 6.0! I’m now on my second Windows 10 Education release from Microsoft, and we’re able to deploy as needed.

Specops OS deploy

Few Notes:

  • I created a new OU for Windows 10 computers. I forgot to set permissions!  Don’t forget this:
PermissionApplies To
CreateThis object and all descendants
DeleteThis object and all descendants
ReadDescendant Computer objects
WriteDescendant Computer objects
Change PasswordDescendant Computer objects
Reset PasswordDescendant Computer objects
Validated write to DNS host nameDescendant Computer objects
Validated write to service principal nameDescendant Computer objects
  • You can cut and paste MDT tasks from one task sequence to another. This is how I copied my “Install Office 2016” application (which I pulled from my Specops Deploy Share) to the Windows 10 Education VL 1511 task sequence.
  • Don’t forget to update your Specops OS Deploy Group Policy Objects to point to the correct Operating System Image. This is how I switched from Windows 10 Education VL to Windows 10 Education VL 1511 when the new image came out from Microsoft in November 2015.

Happy Deploying!

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Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes is one of the Managers of Technology Support Services and the Library Network Administrator for Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania for the past 19 years.

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