Forcing a password reset? This new Password Auditor report can help

Today, Specops Software released the latest version of Specops Password Auditor, introducing a new report that will make the lives of IT admins looking to force a password reset a little easier. This release comes in response to last week’s call from the White House to reset all passwords.

With Forrester estimating that each password reset call can cost an organization up to $70 per call and Gartner estimating that 40% of all calls to the service desk are related to password resets, asking your entire organization to reset their password is not a simple request.

“Whether they’re recovering from a known attack or simply responding to a security recommendation, an organization-wide password reset is no easy task,” said Darren James, Product Specialist at Specops Software. “We hope we’re making the lives of any IT admin asked to implement such a directive a little bit easier with today’s Password Auditor release.

Introducing: The Password Age Report

The new report, called Password Age, can show IT admins a list of users who have changed their password since a certain date or users who have not changed their password since a certain date.

See who hasn’t changed their password yet with the new Specops Password Auditor Password Age report

IT departments may be facing an organization-wide password reset task as part of recovering from a known compromise or in reaction to a security recommendation like that of the White House.

“Organizations are going to want to minimize the impact of resetting all passwords on the IT department. The first step of rolling out such a task is going to be to push users to do this themselves via a self-service password reset tool,” advised James. “After that step, IT admins can use this report for targeted follow up with any person or service account that has yet to do so.”

More advice on how to carry out a “reset all passwords” directive can be found here.

This latest version of Password Auditor also introduces the ability to generate the Executive Summary PDF in German and French. 

Specops Password Auditor is a read-only program that can help IT admins identify password vulnerabilities including number of compromised passwords and more. Password Auditor does not store Active Directory data nor does it make any changes to Active Directory.

See how long it’s been since your users have changed their passwords by downloading and running your (free) copy of Specops Password Auditor.

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(Last updated on March 30, 2022)

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