ADUC Menu Extensions in Specops Products

(Last updated on September 13, 2017)

A user in Active Directory may be affected by a Group Policy extended with Specops settings. Many Specops products add an extension to the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) console. Right-clicking on a user object will display new options/menus with Specops settings.

All Specops products that extend the Active Directory User and Computers (ADUC) menu, use a common framework built on a Microsoft technology called Display Specifiers. This technology requires that the component that handles the menus is registered in Active Directory in the Configuration Container. This registration is a one-time action for all Specops products, regardless of how many Specops products are installed. For example, if this is performed when installing Specops Gpupdate, it is not necessary to perform it again when installing Specops Password Policy.

Display Specifiers and permissions

Since Display Specifiers are located in the Configuration Container, only Domain Admins in the root domain and Enterprise Admins can update them by default.

The change is fully reversible and has nothing to do with Active Directory Schema Extensions.

Unregistering the Specops ADUC extensions

Adding Display Specifiers is not a schema update and the process is reversible. You will need to run SpecopsAducMenuExtensionInstaller.exe with the parameter /remove.

  1. Close any open ADUC MMC.
  2. Start a command prompt as either an administrator in the AD forest root domain or with enterprise administrator privileges.
  3. Run the program SpecopsAducMenuExtensionInstaller.exe with the parameter /remove. The program can be found in the folder %CommonProgramFiles%\Specopssoft\Specops ADUC Extension.
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