Specops Fingerprint

Specops Fingerprint enables users to enroll and authenticate using devices with fingerprint scanners, such as smart phones and tablets. Users can press their finger to the fingerprint scanner on their device to instantly identify themselves. Users can also use Face ID to authenticate, if they own an iPhone X and above. In order to use this identity service, users must have the app installed on their mobile device.

Configuring Specops Fingerprint

You can configure Specops Fingerprint to enable or disable sending push notification to the user. By default, push notifications will be turned on.

  1. In Authentication Web, go to Identity Services, and in the list click the configuration icon for Specops Fingerprint.
  2. Uncheck the Send push notifications when authenticating checkbox to disable sending Push notifications.

Disabling push notifications can be a good way to counter so-called fatigue attacks where users are presented with multiple simple push notifications in an attempt to have them authorize an authentication they have not themselves initiated.