Configuring PingID with Specops Authentication for uReset 8 will extend PingID 's two-factor authentication system to uReset 8 users.

Configuring PingID

Pre-requisites: you must have administrator privileges for your PingID account.
  1. Log in to the Specops Authentication web:
  2. Select Identity Services in the left sidebar navigation, then select PingID.
  3. Select Enable, then in the pop-up click Enable again. This will make the service available for use in Specops services.
  4. Log into the PingID admin pages.
  5. In the PingID admin pages, go to the Setup menu, then select the PingID tab, and then click on the CLIENT INTEGRATION section.
  6. In the section marked "Integrate with PingFederate and other clients", generate a properties file by clicking the Generate button if none exists or if you want to use a separate properties file for your integration with Specops. If you want to use an existing properties file, proceed to the next step.
  7. Download the properties file by clicking the Download button.
  8. Return to Specops Authentication Web and configure the settings for PingID by:

    1. Click on the Select configuration file field and navigate to where you saved the properties file.
    2. Select the file and click Open.
    3. Click Import to populate all value fields.


    1. Open the properties file in an editor.
    2. Copy the value for org_alias into the Organization Alias field.
    3. Copy the value for use_base64_key into the Base64 key field.
    4. Copy the value for token into the Token field.
  9. Click Test connection. If the connection was successful, a message saying Connection test successful will appear.
  10. Select your desired setting for Auto-enroll users in Specops Authentication. Setting it to yes will automatically enroll all users.
  11. If the user attribute for the PingID usernamen in Active Directory is not userPrincipalName, enter the attribute in the final field.
  12. Click Save.