Redirect URL

When verifying a user’s identity, sometimes it is not possible to send the verification link used in various identity services. In those cases, the service desk agent will have to read the verification link to the user. In order to provide a more understandable, easily conveyable verification URL to the users, an override URL can be configured. This override URL acts as a redirect to[CUSTOMER ID].

Configuring a verification override URL

  1. Set up a redirect with a human-readable URL, linking to the default verification URL:[CUSTOMER ID]
    the verification URL, including the customer ID, can be copied underneath the verification override URL field in the Secure Service Desk settings in Authentication Web. Use the copy icon at the end to copy the URL to the clipboard.
  2. In the Secure Service Desk settings, enter the redirect you created.

With this override URL configured, the service desk agent can read the shorter URL to the user calling in to the Secure Service Desk. When redirected, the user will need to type in their upn to complete the verification process.

when sending the verification link by mail or text message, the default verification URL will be used, even when an override has been specified.

URL formats

Allowed URL formats


Invalid URL formats

  • [reason: contains protocol other than http or https]
  • [reason: contains port number]
  • [reason: contains query parameters]