Add an operating system image

You will need at least one operating system image to use during client installations. You will need to add your first operating system image from an original source. This should be the original Microsoft Volume License DVD.

It is important to load the DVD / ISO that has been most recently added to the Microsoft download site. If you are importing an image from an ISO, you will need to mount the ISO and browse to the drive it is mounted to.
  1. Open the Specops Deploy/OS admin tool.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Images and Packages, and click Import Operating System from Original Source.
  3. Enter or browse to the location of the device or the folder containing the operating system, and click Next.
  4. Select the operating system you want to import, and click Next.
  5. Enter an image name and description.
    If you are using MAK-licensing you should also add the license key to the image data.
  6. Click Next to import the selected image to the Specops Deploy/OS deployment repository.
To make the operating system image available on the Deployment Servers, you will need to publish the deployment repository.