Deploy the Specops Deploy Client-Side Extension using Group Policy Software Installation

You can automatically configure an existing Group Policy Object with Software Installation settings to deploy the Client in your domain. The Client Side Extension is a required component for all Deploy Products. You can deploy the Client-Side Extension from the Setup Assistant in the Specops Deploy/App menu.

  1. Launch the Setup Assistant and click Start Installation from the Specops Deploy/App menu.
  2. Click Deploy Specops Deploy Client Side Extension.
  3. To select the Group Policy Object that will be used to deploy the client, click Select GPO. You will be given the following options:
    Create New GPO

    1. Click Create New GPO.
    2. Enter a new Group Policy Object name.
    3. Select the location you want to link the Group Policy object to.
    4. Click OK.
    Select an existing GPO

    1. Select an existing GPO
    2. Select an existing GPO from the list.
    3. Select a link for the chosen GPO, and click OK.
  4. To install the Client on all computers in your organization you can:
    Create a network share on the local computer and copy the Client-side extension package to the new network share

    1. Click Create Share.
    2. Select a local path to create the share for, and click OK.
    3. Click Select share.
    4. Verify that the network path to the network share you created is correct, and click OK.
    Select an existing network share and manually copy the msi-package to the existing network share

    1. Click Select Share
    2. Browse to the location of the msi-package, and click OK.
      It is recommended that you use a Distributed File Share (DFS). If DFS is used with load balancing verify that the setup files are copied to all servers before proceeding.
  5. To create the packages for x86 and x64 deployments in the selected GPO, click Add Settings.
For future deployment, it is best practice to include the Deploy Client in your captured image. This will allow Application Deployment to proceed during the build process as opposed to a subsequent reboot that will allow the client to install via Group Policy Software Installation.