Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a summary of new features and changes since the last release. The Release Notes can help you evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary.

Current release: 8.21.21207.1

Fixed Issues

  • Features not enabled in a subscription could be clickable, but not working, and cause confusion to end users.
  • Gatekeeper could get in a non-responding state where service restart was needed.

Released July 28, 2021


New Functionality

  • Added new feature for masking phone numbers in Secure Service Desk.
  • Added new feature for displaying and sending enrollment link from Secure Service Desk.
  • Okta verify is now available as a quick verification in Secure Service Desk.

Improvements/Fixed Issues

  • Service desk settings page has an updated design.
  • A new placeholder for user first name is now available when editing notifications.
  • The default selected scope is now empty when running the Gatekeeper installation wizard. If the root is selected a warning will now be displayed.
  • Adding images to notifications could fail without useful error message.

Other Changes

  • Signing out from admin will now also sign out the user from Service Desk.
  • The icons presented next to password/passphrase rules have been changed and should now be aligned with SPP password change UI. This should also improve visual feedback for people with color vision deficiency, since the icons now differ in both shape and color.
  • Admin and Service desk policies are now identical by default.

Released June 09, 2021


New Functionality

  • Added support for YubiKey as an identity service.
  • Added support for showing rules/phrases in order as configured in Specops Password Policy (Only for users affected by Specops Password Policy).

Improvements/Fixed Issues

  • Improved error message during if user with ‘must not change password’ set in Active Directory attempts to reset/change their password.
  • Enrolling with the Duo identity service could result in an error message.
  • Improved user feedback when Duo has been configured to bypass two-factor authentication.
  • Improved user feedback when a user has inactive/disabled/locked devices for Symantec VIP.

Released April 27, 2021


New Functionality

  • Improved user experience for the Symantec VIP identity service.
  • Added support for ‘quick verification’ to Symantec VIP from service desk.
  • Added option to configure custom verification URL for service desk

Improvements/Fixed Issues

  • Improved usability when entering phone number for the Mobile Code identity service, in particular for Internet Explorer users.
  • Active Directory domain name with underscore (‘_’) was not fully supported.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication could fail from Edge.

Released March 09, 2021


Fixed issues

  • Certain top level domain names, (e.g. .at/.ac) were not supported when signing up or adding new domain names.
  • ‘Required’ flag on questions when configuring the Q&A id service was not always saved.

Released February 15, 2021


Other changes

  • Domain verification is now enabled by default for new installations.

Released January 13, 2021


New functionality

  • Okta Verify: To prevent API tokens from going stale if not used for 30 days, these will now be refreshed by Specops Authentication after 20 days.
  • Added support for traditional Chinese as a user interface language.
  • Added support for PingID as an identity service.

Improvements/Fixed issues

  • Changing/Resetting password could fail for users with short sAMAccountName (1 or 2 characters).
  • Gatekeeper: Changed event id 239, for rejected password resets, to informational level instead of warning.
  • From Internet Explorer, some identity services could fail unexpectedly due to too many redirects.
  • Secure Service Desk: Added device selection for Duo identity service.
  • Secure Service Desk: Loading user could fail if mobile attribute override was set to displayName or other commonly used attribute.
  • Added domain name to unenrolled users report.

Released November 17, 2020


Other changes

  • Gatekeeper: Added additional eventlogging around user counting.
  • After unlocking account and getting signed out, customizations were not shown.

Released November 04, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Gatekeeper: password resets could be handled incorrectly for users affected by password policy containing minimum password age setting, depending on time zone.
  • Changing user interface language in Secure Service Desk did not always work.
  • After a user had unlocked their account, if locked out from Active Directory, the user was able to unlock again without having to re-authenticate.

Released October 23, 2020


New functionality

  • Duo identity service now supports Auth API. This gives a better and more integrated user experience. Existing Duo configuration must be upgraded to bring this to end users.
  • Quick verification has been enabled in Secure Service Desk for the Duo identity service. This requires configuring the Duo identity service to use Auth API.
Note: This release requires all Gatekeepers to be upgraded preferably on the same day. No configuration changes should be made until this is complete. If there is a mix of Gatekeeper versions in your environment and changes are made, undesired notification behavior will be triggered.

Released September 30, 2020


Improvements/Fixed issues

  • After authenticating with Fingerprint app on iOS, the Fingerprint app could fail to return to the originating browser.
  • Authentication with Windows Identity could get stuck with a spinning wheel, never completing.
  • Better indication if a user account in Active Directory has a malformed userPrincipalName.
  • Users whose password had expired in Active Directory, could sometimes not change the password without doing a reset.
  • User counting could be misleading in cases with multiple Active Directory domains.

Other changes

  • PowerShell modules were not signed.

Released September 08, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where notifications for insufficient enrollment sometimes took longer to send or failed.

Released July 29, 2020


Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where displaying the text messages report took you to an error page.

Released July 21, 2020


New features

  • Added new cmdlet Clear-SAGatekeeperCache to clear Gatekeeper cache, to conform with what already is supported from admin tools.
  • Added lockout settings for Mobile Code, Email and Personal Email identity services.
  • Added notifications on admin web pages to indicate if there is a new Gatekeeper version available.
  • Length of identity verification session is now configurable and displayed to Service Desk agent.
  • Added configurable MFA policy for password change.
  • Added option to customize name of Windows Identity id service.
  • Added Service Desk setting for enforcing user to change password at next logon after reset, either mandatory or selected by Service Desk agent.

Fixed issues

  • Browser’s password manager could unexpectedly try to save password.
  • Certain firewalls could drop connections while processing requests from browser to Specops Authentication.
  • Improved usability of customization UI with display name instead of identifiers.
  • Made cmdlets install with Admin tools instead of the Gatekeeper.

Other changes

  • Enterprise admins are now granted permissions to users’ sub-object. This does not apply to already existing sub-objects.

Released July 21, 2020


New features

  • First release of Secure Service Desk as a standalone product.