Registry Settings

The Specops Password Notification Server service reads the values stored in the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Specopssoft\Specops Password Notification\Server at startup.

DebugThis values controls if verbose logging should be enabled or not. Set this value to 1 to enable verbose logging. Default value is 0.
EmailSenderWorkerThreadCountThis values specifies the number of threads that will be used to send password expiration notification emails. Default value is 10.
LogFilePathIf Debug is enabled, this will be the name of the log file. Default value is C:\SPEXSERVER.LOG.
ManagementLevelActive Directory scope that the service operates on when searching for user accounts. Can be the domain level or any organizational unit. Specified as a distinguished name.
PollingTimeTime that the service starts checking for expiring user passwords and sending e-mails. Specified as HH:MM. Default value is 00:00.
PreferredDomainControllerDomaincontroller that’s used by the service when operating against Active Directory. If no value is specified, then the domaincontroller will be used that the server has established a secure channel with.
SearchPageSizeThis value controls the maximum number of objects that are returned in a single search result. Default value is 1000.