You can configure the components of Specops Key Recovery to log their internal activity to a verbose debug log. The debug log allows you to follow the events leading up to the error. Debug logging is enabled by changing the relevant registry key from “0” to “1.” Additional logging will be returned by using the higher debug levels “2” or “3.”


Default log file location: C:\Temp\SpecopsLogFiles\

Gatekeeper Admin

Default log file location: C:\Temp\SpecopsLogFiles\

Event logging

The Specops Key Recovery components log their operations to the application log event log.

Event typeIDDescription
Error2070Symantec Endpoint Encryption general error
Error2071Symantec Endpoint Encryption (version 11) Helpdesk failure
Information2072Symantec Endpoint Encryption (version 11) Helpdesk success
Error2073Symantec Endpoint Encryption SQL Database error
Error2074Symantec Endpoint Encryption (version 11) BitLocker failure
Information2075Symantec Endpoint Encryption (version 11) BitLocker success
Error2077Test SQL connection failure
Error2078Test Helpdesk connection failure