Reference Material | Complete the Default Policy

The Default Deployment Policy applies to computers that are not affected by any Group Policy Object with Specops Deploy / OS settings.  A computer with a default policy can be deployed to any organizational unit in the “Scope of Management” without Group Policy deployment settings.

  1. Open the Specops Deploy / OS admin tool.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand Policies.
  3. Click Edit Policy.
  4. Configure the following settings:
    Installation  Settings
    Setting nameDescription
    Allow user to initiate reinstall (F12)Allows end users to initiate an operating system reinstall by pressing F12 at system startup.
    Save local user data on user initiated reinstallSaves local user data when a user initiates a reinstall of a computer.
    Enable real time loggingEnables real time logging to produce a detailed log from the computer being reinstalled. The log can be accessed by right-clicking a computer in the Deployment navigation pane.
    Generate Strong Random PasswordGenerates a strong random password each time a computer is reinstalled. The computer will have to be administrated through Domain Admin accounts.
    Local Admin PasswordEnter the local administration password that will be configured for all computer that are installed through this policy.
    Repeat PasswordRe-type the Local Admin Password.
    Encrypt PasswordEncrypts the Local Admin Password. The Password will be stored in a configuration file on all deployment servers.
    Lock screen during installationLocks the Windows desktop during the final stages of the installation when the computer is logged on as a local administrator.

    Operating System Settings
    Setting nameDescription
    Force x86 image on all systemsForces the installation of the 32-bit OS image on all computers.
    Image for x86 systemsThe operating system image to be used on systems which are 32-bit capable, or all systems if the Force x86 image on all systems setting is used.
    Image for x64 systemsThe operating system image to be used on systems which are 64-bit capable.
    Organization nameEnter the organization name that should be configured for computers installed with this policy.
    Usage of WSUSSpecify if Windows Update Services should be used, either from Microsoft or a Windows Server Update Server services infrastructure within an enterprise.
    WSUS Server URLThe URL to the internal WSUS server.
    Note: This setting is only available if the Internal WSUS Server type has been enabled.
    Language PacksSpecifies the language packages that should be included in the installation.

    Environment Settings
    Setting nameDescription
    Windows UI LanguageSpecifies which UI language Windows should use.
    Regional Settings LanguageSpecifies which language code to use for regional formatting settings.
    Time ZoneSpecifies the time zone the computer should be configured to use.
    Keyboard LanguagesSpecifies the keyboard languages that should be installed and the order of preference between keyboard languages.

    Custom MDT Properties
    Specify or customize properties used by the MDT during installation.
  5. Click OK.