Release Notes

The Release Notes provide a summary of new features and changes since the last release. The Release Notes can help you evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary. For the Specops Authentication Client Release Notes, click here.

Current Release: 8.7.19260.18

New Features

  • Added option to configure default country code for Mobile verification enrollment

Fixed Issues

  • Clarified allowed username formats when user is asked to enter username
  • User Management
    • Improved performance of user details page
    • Added information about key recovery events to user details page
  • Password start page
    • Will now load color and logo customizations
    • New unlock button if user only needs to unlock account
  • Landing page improvements
    • Only end user links to the left
    • Added link to Key Recovery
  • Fixed issues with Gatekeeper failing to activate due to proxy configuration and improved troubleshooting for Gatekeeper connectivity
  • Fixed issues with saving uReset notifications

Released September 18, 2019


New Features

  • Added three new languages: Polish, Korean and Czech
  • Added support for migrating a single user from uReset 7 in addition to the batch version

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bug where migration from uReset 7 failed in some scenarios
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select and copy text on the customization page
  • Added missing Email column to exported not enrolled users report
  • General stability improvements

Released August 27, 2019


New Features

  • Added support for customization on landing pages.

Fixed Issues

  • Added various missing information in logs for Specops Key Recovery.
  • Fixed bug in Specops Authentication PowerShell CmdLets when domain name was shorter than 3 characters.
  • When used with Specops Password Policy, fixed issue with unsatisfied password dictionary rule displaying incorrect information message.

Released July 25, 2019


New Features

  • Fingerprint usability improvements when authenticating on a mobile device.

Fixed Issues

  • Various fixes for multiple AD domain environments.
  • Fixed bug when exporting CSV of not enrolled users report.

Released June 19, 2019


New features 

  • Updates to customization functionality in Specops Authentication Web. These customization improvements make it easier to change the look and feel of the Specops Authentication end-user interface, including colors, text, and logos. For more information, see here. 
  • Mobile Bank ID is enabled for customers using the EU data center from 8.5 onwards. 

Released May 20th 2019


Fixed Issues

  • Various improvements for Active Directory environments with multiple domains. Customers affected by multi-domain issues are recommended to upgrade their Gatekeeper. 

Other changes 

  • Support for Blacklist Express when used with Specops Password Policy 7.1 and later. The Blacklist Express rule will be displayed to users when they change their password.
  • Support for length-based password aging when used with Specops Password Policy 7.1 and later. The length-based password aging setting will be displayed to users when they change their password.

Released May 15, 2019


New Features

  • Support for Specops Key Recovery: This is a self-service solution for unlocking encrypted computers. If a user is locked out at the pre-boot screen, they can use Specops Key Recovery to unlock the computer, without needing to call their organization’s helpdesk. For more information, click here.

Note: To use Specops Key Recovery, you must have a Specops Key Recovery license.

Released April 16, 2019


New Features  

  • Administrators can redirect the Specops Password Reset mobile app, so that it points to Specops uReset 8 and above, instead of Specops uReset 7.12 or Specops Password Reset applications.
  • When signing up for a Specops uReset 8 account, administrators can now choose either the European (EU) or North American (NA) data center. 
  • Added domain name protection in URLs. This prevents an account from being accessed using a registered domain name. When this is enabled, all references to a domain name in application URLs are replaced by obfuscated IDs.

Fixed Issues

  • Some users were not being moved, when attempting to migrate them from Specops uReset 7.12 to Specops uReset 8.0. 

Other changes

  • If a manager identification request cannot be sent (because of missing or invalid email addresses), end-users will now receive a report notifying them. 
  • If a user sees the User must change password at next login flag, they are now guided to the Change Password page when trying to use their password within Specops Authentication. 
  • Improved error handling for session timeouts. When a session timeout occurs, users can now click a button to return to where they started.  

Released February 28, 2019



  • The version number has been incremented from 7.12 to 8.0.
  • uReset customers upgrading from version 7.12 or earlier will need to migrate their enrollments. Contact your account representative for more information.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue in which the online dictionary rule wasn’t displayed when users reset or changed passwords.   

Other changes

  •  Gated MFA – This function makes it possible to protect one identity service with the help of another to prevent misuse. For example, this requires users to enter a mobile code before being allowed to sign in with their password.   
  • The minimum length for secret questions can now be configured by each user.  
  • The Symantec VIP Identity service now supports auto-enrollment.

Released November 14th, 2018


New features

  • Password change support on the Authentication Web.
  • Support for authentication with the SITHS/EFOS identity service.
  • Support for displaying the Password Blacklist rule during password change. This is applicable to Specops Password Policy customers with the Blacklist add-on.

Other changes

  • Support to sign-in with email address/samAccountName on the Authentication Web.
  • Setting to disable Captcha in the ADAL Browser.
  • New contact information fields during account creation.
  • Option to Test Connection with the Duo identity service.
  • Support for different Active Directory attributes when configuring the Duo, and Symantec VIP identity service.
  • Default “User must change password at next login” setting when a user password is reset from the User Management pages on the Authentication Web.
  • Automatic sign-out from the Authentication Web (following a password reset/change, or 30 minutes of inactivity).
  • Option to configure the maximum weight (star assignment) of an identity service.
  • End-user verification with one-time SMS code from the User Management pages on the Authentication Web.
  • Setting to allow Administrator and User Management users to be outside the scope of management.
  • Configurable auto/manual enrollment for the Mobile Code identity service. If auto enrollment is selected, users with a mobile number in Active Directory will be automatically enrolled with the Identity Service.
  • Various improvements to the Migration Wizard.
  • Various improvements to the user experience, including a new top navigation menu, and additional information on several pages on the Authentication Web, and the Gatekeeper Admin Tool.
  • Option to remove the “Unicode” password rules text displayed to the end-user during a password change.

Released October 23, 2018


Fixed Issues

  • In some scenarios, the end-user received a “Failed to validate captcha” error during authentication and had to try again.

Known issues

  • Accessing the Enrollment page from the Client menu shortcut, results in a “can’t reach this page” error on older versions of Microsoft Edge.

Released July 25, 2018


New Features

  • New shared web interface and Gatekeeper with Specops Authentication. You can access both products from a single interface and allow users to extend their multi-factor authentication enrollments to access O365. For more information, contact your account representative.
  • Language support for Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Redundacy with multiple gatekeepers (if using the new Authentication Gatekeeper).
  • Added option to allow the end-user to enter their North American local numbers, without entering a country code.
  • The Helpdesk interface has been redesigned and renamed to User Management.

July 18, 2018

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