Specops Authentication Privacy Policy

Updated 29 April, 2020

Specops Software is committed to preserving your privacy. This Privacy Policy covers the use, and disclosure of information processed by Specops Authentication, and third-party services that work on our behalf. When you enroll with Specops Authentication you give your consent to the use of your data as specified in this Privacy Policy.

What data is processed

The following data can be processed during enrollment in Specops Authentication, in order for Specops to fulfill its contract with your organization:

  • Identity service identifiers from third-parties (for example LinkedIn or Salesforce)
  • IP addresses
  • Mobile phone number
  • Personal email
  • Personal identity number (Swedish Mobile BankID only)
  • Username
  • Work email

How data is stored and handled

Any personal data processed during enrollment is stored in an encrypted hash in your organization’s Active Directory. Specops Authentication queries Active Directory to verify your identity.

Cookies and tracking technologies

You can read more about cookies and other tracking technologies associated with Specops Authentication in our Cookies Policy.