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Specops Self Service Portal

The Self Service Portal empowers users to request resources without contacting the helpdesk. The request and approval workflow allows you to control which computer(s) or user(s) can request resources, with granular controls for shares, printers, and software. Monitor license usage by specifying what users/groups have access to which licenses.

  • Automate application management

    Self Service Portal contains an approval-based workflow system. You can set approvals per user and per computer. Control which computer(s) a user can request software for, as well as the type of software they can access with our rules-based system. This can help increase awareness of software usage, allowing you to make financial decisions based on the needs of your organization.

  • Get on-demand reports

    Self Service Portal contains predefined reports. These reports provide an overview of the feedback gathered from owners and users. They also offer useful information about applications, for example top unused licenses. The tool allows you to export this information for further processing.

  • Save IT time

    By giving users the ability to request resources, including operating system reinstallations, without contacting the helpdesk, you are empowering them to control their own configurations.

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