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Specops Command

Take Windows PowerShell scripting to your network.

Specops Command allows you to manage computers and users in your network by combining Group Policy granular targeting with Windows PowerShell and VBScripts. With Specops Command you can use PowerShell or VBScripts to execute scripts on clients, and receive feedback on the results.

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  • Scripting

    Specops Command provides a script editor to write your PowerShell script or VBScript. Alternatively you can import a saved script from file. Specops Command also contains real time detailed scripting feedback for a script assignment.


    You can use scheduling to specify when and how often a script assignment should be executed.


    Specops Command includes a web-based reporting component which can be used to view and create detailed reports for script feedback.

    • Support for PowerShell and VBScript
    • Executes scripts every Group Policy interval (about every 90 minutes, at startup, login)
    • Scheduling – Decide when and how often a script shall execute
    • Automatic Windows PowerShell deployment and automatic management/deployment of PowerShell modules
    • Targeting – Point and click where you want the script to execute
    • Undo scripts – Handy when scripts (Group Policy) fall out of scope
    • Reporting and Script execution feedback
    • Runs Scripts with User or Computer credentials