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Specops Authentication for O365

Specops Authentication for O365 is the ideal solution for organizations that want to secure access with multi-factor authentication. With 15+ identity providers available to secure the O365 login, including Duo Security, Symantec VIP, Social SaaS, and various authenticator mobile apps, users will always have a secure way to access important resources.

  • Configure MFA for O365

    O365 is a prime target for attackers, and many attacks are the result of compromised or weak passwords. Specops Authentication for O365 enables organizations to move beyond a single point of vulnerability with dynamic multi-factor authentication. Users can choose from a list of available authentication services to complete their authentication. Our dynamic approach guarantees that end-users will complete the authentication task, even if an enrolled service is unavailable. For example, if a user has a mobile code enrollment, but does not have their device, they can still verify using the other identity providers in their enrollment. This reduces authentication failure, and prevents calls to the helpdesk.

  • Federation for O365

    By streamlining the federation process, Specops Authentication for O365 does not require additional servers, or ADFS. The solution uses Windows Integrated Authentication to simplify the user experience during logon. To increase security, administrators are encouraged to enable additional identity services to enforce multi-factor authentication.

  • Keep user data on-premises

    Specops Authentication for O365 is a hybrid solution. A lightweight component is installed inside your Active Directory and is configured using Group Policy, without introducing added complexity to your environment. Group Policy drives permissions, and removes the need to recreate security groups, and store sensitive data outside of Active Directory. Authentication-related data, including enrollment data, is stored on a sub object of the user object.

    Specops Authentication for O365 does not store a copy of your directory or require complex mapping of policies to affected users. User provisioning from your on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory is on-demand.

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  • OOTB identity providers, including phone as a token, and biometrics
  • Federated SSO with Windows Integrated Authentication
  • Statistics and audit reporting to view usage and track system events
  • Customizable user interface
  • Multi-language support: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Redundancy with multiple Gatekeepers to ensure high uptime and availability
  • Block/allow O365 authentication by geographical location (country), or specific IP address

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